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JoJaffa's Adventure Guides

Aloe Vera - get healthy - stay healthy, the natural way! (Chat)

Bungee jumping - Drop like a stone, then bounce upside down (Chat)

Canoeing - "Paddle hard, paddle harder" (Chat)

Career Freedom - Get out of the rat race (Chat)

Christianity - It's risky, but who knows what you'll discover (Chat)

Exotic Pets - Snakes and lizards, spiders and scorpions, frogs and toads (Chat)

Home Business - Build a business at home (Chat)

Hydrofoiling - What is it? Click and find out (Chat)

Internet Business - Build a business online (Chat)

Keeping fit - Keep fit, stay healthy (Chat)

Murder Mystery - How to host it and make your dinner parties FUN! (Chat)

Paragliding - Take to the skies and soar like a bird (Chat)

Property Developer - Start a new career developing property for profit!(Chat)

Sailing - Skim across the waves (Chat)
Also available ...

Scuba - No need to hold your breath (Chat)

Ski-ing - Hurtle down the slopes (Chat)

Skydiving - Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane (Chat)

Trekking - Get moved by the mountain (Chat)

White water rafting - the ride of a lifetime (Chat)

Wreck diving - Explore lost ships (Chat)

Write a book - Write your own book, become an author (Chat)

Still haven't found the guide you are looking for? Let us know what you would like to see covered, and we'll see if we can do it.

JoJaffa has plans for a large number of new adventure guides in the coming months, covering everything from learning a new language to writing a novel and scuba diving the bahamas. Tell us which catch your interest.

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