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Why....go Sky Diving?

You're in a perfectly good aeroplane. It's not on fire and you don't have to jump - but you do.

Sky Diving or parachuting is one of the most exciting sports out there.

You don't even get a choice. You're lined up inside the vast hull,like you waiting to be served in a canteen. Just put one foot in front of the other and the other and then........

  • ahhhhharggahhhhhhhh.....
  • The best news is that you can't hear the people in front scream. If you look up all you can see is the instructor pushing them out of the door. To watch it, it must look like cattle being herded towards the abatoir door.

    It's certainly fun, exhilarating and breathtaking. It's also dynamic and colourful, it offers a sense of freedom and control to even the absolute beginner.

    Then you are a human glider swing on the air - until the moment when the chute opens and you the world suddenly slows down. Now from you're in a perfect positon to relax and enjoy a birds eye view of this beautiful world we live in.

    Don't relax for too long tho' because you'll need to prepare from your ankle crunching landing. It has to be experienced to be believed..

    Tell us what got you interested in sky diving.

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    Getting started

    Not surprisingly the way to start parachuting is via a club or centre. They will provide you with the equipment you need, training prior to the first jump, and half a ride in a plane.

    Essentially there are 3 ways to start parachuting :-

    1. Static Line: This is the most common, and cheapest, approach to a first jump. You jump from approximately 3,000 feet and the parachute opens automatically after you leave the aircraft.
    2. Accelerated Free-Fall (AFF): A longer, more intensive (and more expensive) training course but allows very quick progress to free-fall. You leave the plane at about 12,000 feet closely accompanied by 2 instructors to help and guide you down.
    3. Tandem: A quick and easy introduction to parachuting which allows you to enjoy the experience before moving onto either Static Line or AFF jumping. You and an instructor jump together, the instructor controlling the free-fall, opening of the parachute and the landing. This method of parachuting also enables many disabled people to enjoy the experience.

    Schools to try out

    • 1-800-SKYDIVE based in North California for a great introduction to these 3 different ways to go sky diving.
    • Start jumping at Northern England's permier school Manchester Parachute School.
    • Learn to skydive with Ph.D Skydiving - the doctors (of philosophy)across the UK or further afield in Spain, florida and California. Cool site - great attitude!
    • Learn with ex Red Devil Scotty Milne at Active Sky Diving. UK based course and trips to warmer places like Spain and Florida too.

    Fancy a adventure holiday - choose a country and click on the button. (Don't forget to request their free destinations brochure!)
    Select Tour Destination

    Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little closer to home, check out QXL's European Travel Auction

    (Sports Disclaimer)

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    Getting more out diving

    Okay, you've jumped once now jump again - with JoJaffa's report on what to do next.

    Do it again, and again, and again!

    Your ability and confidence will improve with every jump. If you started off jumping via the Static Line method, you'll want to progress to free-fall. If Accelerated Free-Fall was your first jump you'll want to progress towards jumping without the need for instructors.

    There are also a bunch of competitive parachuting disciplines :-

    • Accuracy Landings: Competitors jump from 3,000 feet aiming for a 5cm disc on the landing site. The lowest aggregate distance from the disc over a number of rounds wins.
    • Free-Fall Gymnastics: As the name suggests, competitors perform series of turns and loops during free-fall, being judged on speed and precision of their execution.
    • Team Formation Skydiving: A team of skydivers, either 4 or 8 members, perform pre-determined formations as many times as possible within a set free-fall time.
    • Canopy Formation: Or canopy stacking, teams of 4 or 8 link parachutes together in pre-determined formations as many times as possible within a set time.

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    Kit and caboodle

    Need a good book, video or more advice? JoJaffa has picked out the best for you. For each book/ video just click on the amazon link find out the price and get more information.

    If you can suggest any good books about sky diving, let us know.

    Recommended Reading

    Book : Parachuting : The Skydiver's Handbook
    by Dan Poynter, Mike Turof
    An excellent guide for the novice sky diver, or indeed anyone interested in the sport. All the information a beginner could want is included here, along with some advice for the more accomplished sky diver.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : The Sky People
    by Peter Hearn
    This is the story of the history of parachuting, from the individuals who first showed it was possible to leap from an aeroplane and live to tell the tale, and also of those who found that things could sometimes go wrong. These people, from those who jump from neccessity, to those who for fun, are all worthy of the title 'Sky People'.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    You need a plane, a pilot, an airfield, alternatively join a club and borrow theirs.

    Personal equipment essentially entails a jump suit, helmet, and parachute, and it's also advisable to wear sports shoes or boots with ankle support.

    For the best in Jackets, boots and gear check out Fogdog's outdoor store.

    Fogdog has loads of product reviews, great prices and can deliver worldwide. Do allow extra time for your goods to arrive if you live outside the USA.

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    Spoil yourself

    How about a two week holiday in California, to learn to skydive in the sun. Or for fantastic views, try a sky diving safari in Africa

    Check out QXL - the European Travel Auction company - for great offers to spoil yourself with:

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