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Why....write a book (e-book)?

It is a dream to able to write AND earn a decent wage. Is it just a dream? Perhaps no longer. The internet now offers the opportunity for anyone to become a successful author. on... Or may be you just want to work from homeor perhaps you are thinking about started with an Internet business (and, why not?) Our recommended book for anyone looking to self publish (on or off-line)Make Your Knowledge Sell - over 1,000 pages and used by JoJaffa almost everyday.
Or check out JoJaffa's guide to kick starting your 'novel' ideas

Why would you want to write? Well to communicate! To help other people. To save them the hassles you went through. To share some advice. To inspire others and to enroll others into your ideas or to make your community a better place.

Think for a moment about how ideas have shaped your life. Have you ever read a book that made you change direction? Or showed you how to handle or cope with a difficult situation. Have you ever been thankful to an author who advised a certain hotel or restaurant?

All of these are about helping people make better choices in their life.

Think about the 3 things that you really love doing. What are they? Do you love restaurants? Is travel your thing? Do you love running businesses or starting web sites? Are you passionate about football, baseball or some other past time?

Imagine spending all your time 'working' on your favourite hobby and getting paid for it! Of course, you get to choose what you write about - so write about something that you care about and let this guide show you the route to getting paid for it too!

Have you ever seen your words in print? The first time you see your own work come off the printing press or appear live on a website is a remarkable experience. It is a sheer joy and a feeling of creating something of lasting value.

We have all dreamt of living an authors life. Just think about it. As a successful author you can travel and live anywhere in the world. You can write your book on a yacht or from a villa watching the waves break on the shore. You can hole up on your favourite Mediterranean island, lodge in a Nepalese hut, sit on a golden sand beach in the Philippines. No matter where you go, you can write your book.

Perhaps you don't want to leave home - maybe you have commitments there already. Still, think about how you could create something literally from nothing and earn money for doing it, all without interfering with the commitments you already have.

Think about it.... writing could keep you in bread and honey for a long time yet - in fact, don't think about, just do it!

Tell us what got you interested in writing a book (e-book).

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Getting started

Build your belief that you CAN write an e-book (you can by the way - anyone can). Education can't stop you, money can't stop you, time can't stop you. Only you can stop you!

If you decide that this is something you want to do and are willing to put in the work to make it happen (yes, there's always the work) then you can make it happen.Once you've built your belief you've got 5 key steps

  • Find a great idea
  • Write your e-book
  • Market your e-book
  • Fulfil / deliver your e-book
  • Bank the money
Lets start with your belief:

Can I write? Well, you can write emails can't you? Then, yes, you can write.

Can it pay me a living? Yes, if you know how to write for the web, it can pay you handsomely. This guide page is about giving you the essential information you need to enable you to do just that - become a paid author via the internet.

You don't have to write great fiction - you just have to be interested in helping others and sharing some of your hard won experience. And there is no age, colour, religion, or sex restriction. No fixed hours. No fixed location.

You can

  • work from home,
  • be a home carer,
  • be a managing director,
  • be a young student at school or college
    or even
  • be a professional writer
Yes, any one can do it! - what's more you can do it at anytime and anywhere. You might be travelling the world, you might be caring for children or elderly parents all day, you might be working or studying full time. You can fit your authoring around the rest of your life so that it fits you.

It is so convenient - you know how emails are so much more convenient than say the telephone? You can handle the email when you've got time - you can stop mid sentence and return if necessary. It is the ultimately flexible way to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world! Well, authoring is just as convenient. You can flex it around any commitments you have.

Thinking up an idea for your e-book

Okay, so lets get started...

You are uniqueDid you know that? You are one in a million! You are a very special person. Nobody has lived the life you have - and nobody is better placed to comment, advise and help other people who are facing or about to face what you have.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who am I?

  • Am I old or young?
  • Am I at school, at college,
  • Just started work, leaving work,
  • At home with kids, retiring
  • Starting my own business or going bankrupt(!?!)
  • or just foot loose and fancy free?

Do I have responsibilities? To parents, brothers / families. To adopted family, to friends, to colleagues, to a boss or job?

What do I do with my days?

What challenges have / do I have with life and how have I overcome them? If there was one piece of advice I could give anyone it would be...

Remember bad or tough experiences are valid too (in fact they often teach us more about life than good experiences)

Perhaps you've just:

  • - been ripped off by the builders
  • - lost a lot of money on dot com mania
  • - been bullied at school
  • - found an easy way to get great grades
  • - just completed your tax return
  • - overcome the loss of a dear friend
  • - climbed mount Kilimanjaro
  • - raised $xxxxxx for charity
  • - started a new job in the media
  • - bought a house
  • - found a really great job

...each of these experience is worth a whole lot to someone who is about to experience them. And as you've lived through it, you will be able to explain and relate the whole thing like nobody else.

Still don't believe me? Then check out web expert Key Evoy's message. He was sent an email from a lady who wanted to write a book but didn't know how to do it:

"Mrs. X" called to say how much she absolutely LOVED ourfirst book, Make Your Site Sell!. But she was stuck at home taking care oftwo sick parents. So she was looking for something to dofrom her computer at home...


"I almost fell off my chair! Really, I got so excited when Irealized that Make Your Knowledge Sell was not just the answer for this woman,but for everyone who somehow assumes that they are ordinaryand know nothing of value. I told her...

"Do you know how many hundreds of thousandsof 'baby boomers' are in your boat? Or theywill be soon -- and they see it coming. YOUare an expert in taking care of your parentsand that knowledge has value to others. So...

Write about it and sell that e-book. Tellother boomers with sick parents all about...

  • bed padding to prevent bed ulcers, and which brand is best
  • easy and nutritious meal supplements
  • nursing home scams to avoid
  • government home care programs
  • insurance issues
  • how to manage your parents' money
  • delicate issues like preparing the estate
  • etc., etc., etc.' "

"This lady has lived all this -- that's the hard part. Shedoes not have to make up touching stories (that will ringfalse) -- she's lived them. She does not have to wadethrough all the "adult diaper" advertising -- she's triedthem. All she has to do is collect her experiences, add abit of research to round out the rough spots, publish it...and presto!"

"Sound like a boring topic? Not if you are faced with takingcare of your parents at home. Believe me...

"Mrs. X is in business."

So what is Ken's Point?

His point is that ANYONE really, really,really (enough "reallys"?) CAN do this.

There's a book in everyone. Each of us lives a life ofunique circumstances and experiences that results inbuilding a body of knowledge... knowledge that has value andthat can be packaged and sold to others.

Ken's book (co-published with Monique Harris) is called Make Your Knowledge Sell and shows you how to

  • find "the infoproduct within,"
  • how to create and publish it,
  • and how to market and sell it.
It's what JoJaffa uses and at over 1,000 pages it is a masterpiece. Within this book lies enough information, help and guidance for anyone to get into business.

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Getting more out of....writing a book (e-book)

If you find that you really love writing, here's some more ways you can earn some money

  • Write an e-book for fun and profit
  • Write online newsletters
  • Write copy for other people's websites
  • Find writers with similar books and jointly publish them
Once you've got going as a writer, the hardest thing is to keep on going. But don't fear, if you take the time to look around you, you will always find new ideas.

Here are our 2 favourite tips for staying inspired

  1. Take a note pad with you every where and just jot down lots of ideas
  2. Read lots on your favourite subjects - this will always inspire you with new ideas and original thoughts

Maybe you are starting to think beyond a practical guide book and want to publish fiction or write for a particular group - maybe children, or science fiction or some other genre. Do you want to move from being a writer to becoming an author? If so, here are some of the top resources on the internet.

Writer and author resources

  • Book Publishing resource guide. Includes links to printers, binders, writers resources etc.
  • Ink Spot a great writers Community
  • - a neat UK based site with lots of advice on screen writing, drama and comedy as well as more typical genres
If you want to go further and you can check on how to write PROPER English (oops!) at the Guide to Grammar and Writing - be warned - this is only for the serious!Or may be you could do with a little help at the online writers lab Or the site that contains it all - web writing, fiction writing, corporate report writing - head to Rachel McAlpine's great site.

What ever you do - remember, writing is FUN!!! Enjoy :-)

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Kit and caboodle

Need a good book, video or more advice? JoJaffa has picked out the best for you. For each book/ video just click on the amazon link find out the price and get more information.

If you can suggest any good books about writing a book (e-book), let us know.

Recommended Reading

Books : Make Your Knowledge Sell
by Monique Harris and Ken Evoy
Information publishing is set to become the big earner for the little people on the web. The authors state that 'there is a book in everyone. Each of us lives a life of unique circumstances and experiences that results in building a body of knowledge.' Crucially, that knowledge has value and can be packaged and sold to others. But how would you go about something like this? Publishing is an intricate business off line - but online the hassles can be automated away. How? Well that's the beauty of this e-book. Harris and Evoy have compiled the most complete guide on generating an idea, creating an book, packaging it, selling it and distributing it. Great book, brilliantly executed and designed for the novice and expert alike.

More info from Sitesell

Book : Make Your Site Sell
by Ken Evoy
Read this book for the clearest and probably cheapest introduction to building your web based business. As Ken says, what's the point is build the best website in cyberspace if no one knows you're there. Well, here's how you make sure they know you.

More info from Make Your Site Sell

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Spoil yourself

Writing for the web is Freeing

Absolutely.... Totally!

You can write from anywhere. But may be you need a little bit of inspiration?

Here are 3 ways you could inspire yourself

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You might just

  • have a general question about writing a book (e-book)?
  • want to make a comment
  • want to share tips and advice with fellow JoJaffa-ers?

... Then why not use our writing a book (e-book) chat board

Maybe someone has already asked that burning question you're longing to find the answer to ...

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