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Have you ever seen your words in print or on screen? Well, if you've ever fancied yourself as a bit of a scribe - here's your chance.

If you can write a little or a lot then this is for you. Some people contribute as little as a paragraph - others contribute whole pages. The amount is up to you. Our advice is to start small if you've never done anything like this before.

You can contribute to JoJaffa without having a web site or being a professional author.

Essentially you've got three options

Swap publicity/ byline for content

Even if you provide as little as 1 whole paragraph JoJaffa will give mention your name and (if desired) make you email address available. If you have a website then we can link to that instead if you prefer.

Here are a few ideas of content you might share:

  • a story or experience you'd like to share
  • a recommendation for other readers
  • advice on how to get started ......on your favourite activity
  • getting more out of ....your favourite activity
  • a favourite book you're read
  • Or may be you want to write a short piece on a brand new topic? Or perhaps you know about overcoming disabilities or adventuring with children?

This list is just to get your mind working - please feel free to offer other ideas too. Just send me your content or ideas to info@JoJaffa.com

Swap free trips or gear for reviews

JoJaffa can offer free or reduced price trips and gear in exchange for a travelogue write up or review. You need to demonstrate that you can write knowledgeably about your topic. The best way to do this is to start with a small contribution to JoJaffa - see above.

If this is something you'd like to do, drop me an email at neil@jojaffa.com

Write an e-book

Make your knowledge sell and make some money. Perhaps you have an area of expertise? Or may be you have access to people with inside information? If you'd like to make your knowledge available to a wider audience, then why not write and sell an e-book? Check out JoJaffa's guide to writing an e-book for fun and profit.

You'll notice JoJaffa publishing a number of e-books - these have come from authors like you! Wrting experience is not important - a willingness to have a go is! Contact me for more info at info@JoJaffa.com


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