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Write an e-book for fun and profit or take your existing book on-line

e-author? ....

Is there a book inside you waiting to come out? Or may be you've already published one and are looking for on-line publicity or promotion?

This could be your big chance.

The Internet makes publishing a book much much easier. No longer is it necessary to spend thousands of $$$s or s printing and typesetting a book.

Now, you can publish much more cheaply then ever before. This means that there is no longer a substantial financial risk.

So, it also means that JoJaffa can offer much better publishing terms than was previously available.

Choose from any 3 options:

  • Swap publicity for extracts - if you have already writen a book
  • Get JoJaffa to sell and promoted your book on-line - if you are looking to take your book on-line
  • You write a new book, we edit, publish and promote - if you are thinking of writing a book

How to swap publicity for extracts

If you have already writen a book and want some FREE publicity, please email Neil@JoJaffa.com a brief outline of your book and the content you could offer. We can then offer you publicity in return.

Get JoJaffa to convert your existing book into an e--book and sell and promote it on-line

Let me send you our outline agreement on promoting books. Please email Neil@JoJaffa.com with a brief description of your book and I'll send you more details.

How to write an e-book

If you believe there is a book in you - and it fits with the style of JoJaffa - we'd love to hear from you.

What are we looking for?....just about anything that involves a bit of adventure or excitement.

It might be

  • A travel guide book
  • A book on how to ski
  • I escaped the rat race and travelled the world - you can too!
  • A book on how to teach yourself to cook
  • A book on how to make money from the internet
  • A book on how to ...
  • A book on how to stay fit and healthy
  • A book on how to arrange a trek
  • A book on how to set up your own company

Remember, we are using the term 'book' very loosely. You may actually, mix video with photographs or graphics, with sound and hyperlinked text.

The possibilities of publishing on the web are endless. The book might be long or it might be short. It might contain spreadsheets or electronic work books.

The key criteria is that the book must help or inspire people to do something more easily than before. Don't worry if your idea is only half formed.

Check out JoJaffa's guide to writing an e-book for fun and profit.

I will reply to all emails or suggestions.

Neil@JoJaffa.com Tel +44 (0)20 8715 3525


e-authors are go!

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